We were going through the regular bedtime routine as a family.  The boys were up to their old tricks of requests, complaints, and acting like total goofballs (Or, psychos as my wife would say).  The picture above was taken 20 minutes into the process.  Logan, my 3 1/2 year old said he needed to go … More DAD…..Breathe!

Today we walked our first born to kindergarten.  He was so great today.  His noticeable excitement,  the nervousness he couldn’t hide, and the curiosity.  Porter bounced down the sidewalk and into that school with the same energy he’s always had his first 5 years.   I was concerned leading up to today…Porter had never seemed … More

4 thoughts to help the addict you love.

Working in the substance abuse treatment field I’m exposed to many opportunities to sit down with families looking for help for a loved one.  As a recovering heroin addict myself with two brothers in recovery, and a mother and sister that have been to family groups, it benefits my ability to provide perspective and experience.  Sometimes I … More 4 thoughts to help the addict you love.

Denial keeps us sick. Step 6 attacks denial.

It’s not my fault.  I never did that.  I don’t struggle with that.  I don’t act like that. etc. etc. etc. All phrases I’ve uttered leading up to, and sometimes in recovery. Denial is a spiritual wall. At some point in life, especially for somebody in recovery, the admission and awareness of ones character defects … More Denial keeps us sick. Step 6 attacks denial.