Today we walked our first born to kindergarten.  He was so great today.  His noticeable excitement,  the nervousness he couldn’t hide, and the curiosity.  Porter bounced down the sidewalk and into that school with the same energy he’s always had his first 5 years.  

I was concerned leading up to today…Porter had never seemed to be one to fall in line or hold still for direction from somebody else.  Porter beats his own drum,  and we let him.  He’s a creative,  passionate,  smart, and strong – willed little guy.  However, observing him in the classroom I couldn’t have been prouder of my son.  I watched as he socialized, listened to his teacher, and politely waited his turn for different activities as other kids barged ahead of him.  I also watched him sit down at his seat marked with his name and quickly make use of the crayons,  scissors,  and pencils in front of him.  He was his beautiful, passionate,  individual self,  and he also showed respect and manners. 

I can’t believe he’s in kindergarten.  Today I’ve been looking back at these first 5 years we’ve had together. The happy times,  the sad times,  the scary times,  the good times,  and everything in between.  His dancing on tables,  his obsession for super heroes, his laugh,  his teasing,  his ability and love as a big brother, the nights I’d pace with him through the house to calm him, his run to me in St. George, the humor,  the crying at karate,  the wrestling,  the movies,  his love for dinosaurs and bugs,  and so much more.  

My heart was heavy today realizing our little guy wasn’t so little anymore. He’s began a new chapter in life as have we.  I’m thankful for photos and writings and memories we have to look back on.  We’ve been through a lot as a family and P has been right there with us for the duration.  Today has helped me appreciate time a bit more, and hopefully cherish each day with my kids.  Time goes by fast.  

I love you P. 


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